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Village of Chase
Commercial Opportunities

The commercial options for Chase are plentiful and varied. We have a revitalized downtown core which underwent a beautification with gardens, poster/hanging basket light stands, benches, and brick paving.

The building styles include new, refaced, heritage and small strip malls to combine for an impressive mix.

Month to month rental or lease options are available with the occasional opportunity to purchase. Many commercial buildings in the downtown core have residential suites above or behind to supplement income or provide a combination living/working space. Lease rates vary with smaller spaces renting in the $350.00 - $850.00 range including all utilities, up to $10 - $14 per sqft. Triple Net

Several of our major commercial spaces have been rebuilt or renovated including Chase Plaza. 

Safety Mart Food Chase 

There is at present bare land available to lease or buy with build to suit options in the C3 zoning locations. Chase offers a Light Industrial zoning.


Creating an Age-friendly business

(concise version. to read the full article click on the link at the bottom of this write-up)


Over 650,000 British Columbians are 65 or older, and the post-war baby boomer generation began to turn 65 in 2011. This vibrant group not only has a lot of purchasing power but also the time to shop.

Older adults tend to be loyal customers and age-friendly businesses can attract large and expanding demographic.

Age-friendly business is not only comfortable to older people but for others as well:

·        Pregnant women;

·        Parents with children in strollers;

·        People with injuries;

·        People with sight, hearing or mobility limitations;

·        People with limited English;

·        People with mental illness

How can you better serve older customers?


Consider how people with mobility limitations access your place of business. They will find it easier if you have:

  • ·        fewer stairs, sturdy railings, and non-slip surfaces (tripping hazards or shiny surfaces could lead to falls);
  • ·        wider aisles and uncluttered pathways to better accommodate walkers and wheelchairs; and
  • ·        easily opened or automatic doors that provide more accessibility 


Consider places to rest and refresh, such as:

·        a place to sit while waiting, and a place to put packages down;

·        chairs that are sturdy and stable, with arms for people who need to push themselves up, and that are not too low or too soft; and

·        an easily accessible customer washroom 

Visibility and clarity 

People are able to see what you want them to see, and hear what you say when: 

  • ·        lighting is adequate and glare-free;
  • ·        signage has good contrast, and wording is easy to follow – including website and phone service;
  • ·        telephone answering services are not automated or do not require pressing a lot of numbers before customers can connect with a “live” person;
  • ·        the service desk is clearly visible so people can ask for help;
  • ·        there is no background music and machine noise, which can be distracting and uncomfortable;
  • ·        staff speak clearly, and at an appropriate speed, while looking directly at the person;
  • ·        staff know how to assist customers with vision or hearing challenges (such as, reading labels and locating items); 


A business shows that it promotes respect when: 

  • ·        older adults are not treated impatiently or dismissively;
  • ·        staff are sensitized to avoid condescending behaviours (e.g., speaking too loudly, speaking too familiarly – as in calling someone “dear,” or showing visible impatience).
  • ·        staff know how to address people’s needs without stereotyping or drawing conclusions about people based on their age or other characteristics;
  • ·        staff have options for serving customers in a more comfortable way;
  • ·        staff are rewarded for being respectful;
  • ·        staff respond to errors and complaints promptly and courteously;
  • ·        staff are trained to handle incidents like a fall or an outburst while preserving the customer’s dignity; and
  • ·        staff know how to recognize signs that a person needs help;

How to start making your business age-friendly

Take a look around your business or imagine your planned place of business...

What if you had a walker? What if you couldn’t see or hear as well? What if it was painful to stand for more than a few minutes? Would you be comfortable patronizing this business? Ask an older friend or relative to walk around with you. Look outside and walk around inside.

Take a look at your advertising and information materials, as well as your website. Computer and internet use by seniors is growing quickly; larger print and good contrast makes it easier for them to read about your business. 

FMI on the topic please go to:


Community Futures Development Corporation of Thompson Country (CFTC) sponsored the updating of the Community Profile for the Village of Chase plus Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) and Electoral Area F (North Shuswap) of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District plus the area running westward from Chase along the Trans Canada Highway (Highway #1) to Pritchard. 

The purpose of the economic profile is to provide timely, objective and relevant economic information to assist individuals contemplating economic development initiatives in the “Chase Trading Area” including investors exploring new business or the expansion of existing business opportunities.

The profile includes statistics and information on a variety of economic variables including, but not limited to, demographics, income, business, labour, education and employment, infrastructure, government services, quality of life and key contacts.

More details here ....

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Village of Chase

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