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Doing Business - Chase Tourism Inventory & GAP

Executive Summary 

A group of ten fourth year Bachelor of Tourism Management students from Thompson Rivers University were commissioned in the fall of 2005 by the Chase and District Chamber of Commerce to identify tourism development opportunities in Chase B.C. This document, the Chase Tourism Gap Analysis, is the product of that commission. It includes the following deliverables:

·  Inventory of the current tourism business offered in Chase
·  Inventory the natural resources near Chase
·  Outline of all consultation undertaken during the project
·  Community of Chase attitudes toward tourism surve
·  Analysis of current and future tourism market trends
·  Insights into branding and marketing strategies
·  Description of tourism opportunities
·  Recommendations

This document provides strategic direction for tourism developers in Chase. The deliverables, particularly the short list tourism opportunities, can be viewed independently from the rest of the document as a prospectus which, according the insights gained, are the items of greatest potential to Chase. Furthermore, more general recommendations are made at the conclusion of this document. They are:
  • Chase should attempt to become a hub of tourism activity in the area and should collaborate with surrounding communities, within the Chase trading area and beyond, to increase marketing effectiveness
  • Tourism developers, planners and entrepreneurs should consider the six short list tourism opportunities outlined in this report
  • Improve signage at the entry and exit points of Chase. The signs should express to motorists driving the Trans Canada Highway, that Chase is an appealing place to stop
  • Chase needs a brand. The village needs to attach a mental image to the “Village of Chase” that stays in the minds of tourists and makes them want to visit Chase
  • Ensure open dialogue and communication between community residents, business owners and First Nations representatives by forming a committee to focus on tourism development in Chase

This document identifies, exposes, and explains key elements of the physical and social environments in which tourism operations and endeavours exist in Chase. Offering information describing fundamental aspects of the industry, and supplying insights and recommendations about future tourism development, this document affords primary stakeholders and tourism proponents the option to make informed decisions, and take knowledgeable action in regards to tourism development in Chase.

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